Tips to Maintain Eye Health: Myth or Fact?

Often times, myths can be proven true but it can also go the other way around. Myths also often incite different perceptions, especially when it comes to eye health. So let's set the record straight and differentiate the myths and the facts:

1. Myth: Sitting at a close distance to TV screen will damage the eyes

Since our childhood, most of us must have been reprimanded for sitting too close to the TV screen as it is deemed to be damaging to the eyes.

Fact: In actuality, watching TV or any other electronic devices will not damage the eyes, but cause eye fatigue. Simply by resting your eyes for a moment, you will be able to optimize your eye performance.

2. Myth: Reading in a dim room will worsen sight

Reading in a dim room will certainly interfere with your reading activity. However, too much light will also interfere with your convenience.

Fact: Reading with a dim light will not damage your eyes. In the past, people would typically use simpler lighting such as candles or gas lights. However, this practice will quickly result in eye fatigue and make reading increasingly difficult. Just make sure that you adjust your distance and choose a convenient lighting for the eyes.

3. Myth: Artifical sweetener improves eye sensitivity to light?

Fact: This is not a myth, this is a fact. If you consume artifical sweetener excessively, such as cyclamate, your eyes will grow more sensitive to light. Not only that, antibiotics, oral contraceptions, high blood pressure medications, diuretics or diabetes medications can also serve as a trigger.

There are some trustworthy myths, but some others have been proven otherwise. Therefore, you must be more careful and selective when taking health-related myths into account. Sometimes, it is the most unexpected and unreasonable things that trigger a problem. So it is best that you do early prevention acts to prevent a long-drawn impact.

Another fact: Eye Mo eye drops are renowned in Indonesia due to its effective benefits in handling eye irritation, and it continues to be the go-to product for Indonesians prone to pollution exposure. Simply by applying 1-2 drops onto each eye, irritation will no longer get in the way of your activities!

Quick fact

Some people are born with different eye colors, known as heterochromia