Smart Tips to Overcome Tired Eyes during Homecoming Trip

Many of us would be willing to hoof through traffic jams and bustle through a crowd just to be able to spend holiday with our beloved family—not to mention spending huge amounts of time on the road, which pose health risks for the body, especially the eyes.

To keep your eyes clear when reconnecting with your next of kin, you may find the following smart tips handy to overcome your tired eyes problem.

1. Rest your eyes

Driving or looking at your gadget screen for an extended period of time may cause your eyes tired, red and find it difficult to focus. Resting your eyes is a simple and easy way to overcome this problem. Close your eyes for a few minutes at a nearby rest area or turn off the gadget in use.

2. Overcome dry eyes

Among the signs of eye fatigue is dry eyes and susceptibility to eye irritation. According to the WebMD website, these are caused by strained extraocular muscles as a result of continuous forces to focus on an object, in addition to the lack of blinking.

To prevent this from getting worse, use eye drops such as Eye Mo Moist. As an artificial eyewater, this product contains active agents that can overcome dry eyes and prevent irritation by killing bacteria in the eyes by simply applying 1-2 drops on any or both of your dry eyes.

3. Meet your fluid needs

Lack of drinking not only prompts body dehydration, but also interferes with your eyes’ health. In addition to drying, your eyes may also experience double vision and sensitivity to light. To prevent this, do not forget to consume a sufficient amount of drinking water and stay away from caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda, which quickly reduce water from the body.

4. Compress your eyes with cold water

In addition to drinking, cold water can be used to reduce swelling or fatigue in the eyes, as suggested by You can splash cold water directly into your face or use a soft cloth and dip it into the water. Place it over your closed eyes and keep it compressed for a moment. Repeat it a number of times until your eyes recuperate.

Despite its low risks, this type of condition will cause inconvenience during your homecoming trip. So, do not forget these tips to relieve the symptoms of tired eyes!

Quick fact

Choose eye make-up remover containing rose water, soy protein and corn flower, as these three substances can clean up the dirt more effectively and keep your eyes more relaxed, safe and comfortable.