Online Games, A Fun Way for A More Creative Brain

Online games can actually improve your creativity! According to a research by experts at Radboud University in the Netherlands, there are a handful of benefits to be gained by online gamers. What are these?

1. Cognitive growth

One of the most favored online game genres is a game involving actions related to strategy-making, such as StarCraft and Halo. According to Dr. Brian Glass from Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, online game aficionados can hone their skills in making decisions and solving problems by learning to solve riddles via trial and error.

Isabela Granic from Radboud Universty, Netherlands also shares a similar sentiment, stating that online games can be a fun alternative for brain exercise and creativity improvement. Gamers are typically used to getting a solution out of complex issues by thinking out of the box.

2. Improving motivation

Online games involving a number of people may require the division of tasks that must be undertaken. Once these tasks are completed, it will boost confidence and perseverance among the gamers. Mounting levels of difficulty will also encourage the gamers not to give up and face the challenges.

3. Controlling emotions

For most gamers, a game can bring a lot of pleasure and help improve their mood, making them more relaxed and free of worries when facing new things. Psychologist Barbara Frederickson said that these positive emotions can increase awareness on self-regard, help with social interactions and overcome failures.

4. Social interactions

Unlike in the past, online gaming has become a social activity, involving a wide range of people. Games such as World of Warcraft and Farmville are liked by millions of gamers who establish social interactions online, develop their social behaviors and limit any anti-social thoughts or behaviors, as quoted from

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